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Fertility Instinct – Kent Fertility Specialist takes you on a journey where you can regain your emotional control so that you can enjoy your life again whilst holding space for the baby.

I can not promise you a baby as that is not realistic. What I do know is that working your way through the formula with me you will regain control of your emotions and be able to enjoy life again once more knowing that the tools and techniques you learn during the coaching will be tools for life no matter what path your life takes you down. 

It takes on average 3 months to work through the Freedom Fertility Formula. Unlocking the Key to the F.E.R.T.I.L.E Mind. This is tailored to your individual needs so can be done faster or slower and you can switch to the IVF support session at any time.

Fertility Instinct - Kent Fertility Specialist Freedom Fertilty Fomula

Hi, I am Bex, founder of Fertility Instinct and the lead Kent fertility specialist. It was my own journey in 2009 that made me so passionate about wanting to help others on their journey. I now have two boys born 2013 and 2015. I wish I had the emotional support available to me that I am now able to offer my clients.

Fertility Instinct Kent Fertility Specialist
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Thank you for taking the time to explore your options this website is still under development so please do check back.

Please contact Bex to book a fertility first aid session or discovery call to discuss your circumstances and options.

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